Scooter riders violating city ordinance riding on prohibited uptown sidewalks

E-Scooter riders not obeying uptown rules

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A month and a half after the Charlotte city council passed a scooter ordinance – that in part bans scooter riding on certain sidewalks in Uptown, some riders are,still zipping by on the same sidewalks.

One man told WBTV he uses the sidewalks “cause I don’t want to get hit by a car” and when asked if he knew there was an ordinance – he said he didn’t.

The ordinance prohibits riding scooters on sidewalks in the area within Church, Stonewall, College, 7th streets.

“Do the police know that cause I just rode right pass them and they didn't say anything" that man told WBTV. Exactly how are police supposed to enforce no riding scooters on sidewalks?

Police say they could issue citations but the ordinance is so new - most riders don't know the rules. So CMPD says if officers see violations, they instead stop and educate.

The city painted stencils on some of the sidewalks -- but riders still zip by. Those sidewalks have been crowded with pedestrians over the last month when the city hosted several major events that drew thousands of visitors.

Some of the visitors have been using the scooters. Do they know where they can and can't ride scooters? “No,” one woman told WBTV. She said for her the sidewalk is a deliberate choice. “I feel like it is safer,” she said. “I could pay attention easier."

Some riders chose to stay on the roads.

“Cause you’re supposed to ride on the road not the sidewalk,” said Ian Carfagna of Waxhaw. “I started riding on the sidewalk and actually somebody else told me I wasn’t supposed to ride on the sidewalk. It’s a motorized vehicle so it should be more on the road than on the sidewalks.”

Trey McNeil has his reasons for riding the scooter on the road.

“I look it as I could either put someone else at risk by riding on the sidewalk or put myself at risk by riding on the road,” said McNeil. “I would rather something happen to me than me being the cause of something happening to someone else.”

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