Forever Family: Meet Amber and Connor

Impact of Forever Family
Impact of Forever Family(Source: WBTV)
Published: Mar. 14, 2019 at 5:53 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When you see a red head most people’s first reaction is to think of alliterated adjectives such as fiery, feisty and fun or maybe spunky, sassy or spirited. What I loved about meeting this 8-year-old redhead is that my initial reaction was certainly not one that would equate her to a feisty Lucille Ball but perhaps a different redhead, Anne of Green Gables.

In the classic Anne of Green Gables this fictional character is known for her eagerness to please. Anne is a character who adapts to a new family and a new way of life while remaining hopeful and not afraid to dream.

Amber was a joy to have while filming that day for so many reasons. She acted like a mother hen to her younger brother Connor and was the most gracious older sister I have ever seen. Amber let Connor follow her all day and do everything she did without ever seeming flustered or annoyed. She didn’t flinch or move away when he hugged her but she embraced it.

Amber led Connor in a quiet, peaceful, methodical way and always had a kind spirit in her approach with him. She was eager to help her brother, was quick to ask for permission and was grateful for any moment that focused on her. This 8 year old seemed to be very adaptable and when you observed her you could see that at times she was reluctant when playing alone, but when encouraged she was quick to engage more fully and “let her red hair down.” Amber was not spunky or firey, she was gentle and thoughtful.

Any family that is willing to come alongside her and meet her where she is, I know she will thrive. She is willing to put forth her best effort and loves having others lead and encourage her to try to accomplish new things. Amber has years ahead to learn, grow, make progress and she will do all those things with a family who is willing to help her on her journey.

She needs help to be successful in school, increase her communication and social skills and nudge her to try new hobbies and activities. Along with the practical growth, this young girl has so much of her childhood still ahead of her, years ahead to fill with playful, silly, and enjoyable memories.

My hope for Amber is to see her snuggled on the couch on a Friday night with her red-headed brother resting his head on her shoulder. I see her wearing fun cartoon character pajamas and munching on popcorn with a family who is excited to watch fairy tale movies with her and smiling at the enchantment of it all.

For Amber and her sweet little brother Connor, a quiet Friday night, snuggled on the couch with a family and popcorn would be a dream come true.

This little redhead doesn’t need a spirited family to wrangle her passion like Lucille Ball, she needs someone to see a little girl much like Anne of Green Gables looking for a family who is willing to love her.

Instead of saying “I love Lucy” you will look at this little red head and say “I love Amber”

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