Highland Creek crossing guard spreads smiles and safety

Highland Creek crossing guard

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you live in the Highland Creek subdivision of Charlotte, chances are you’ve seen and heard the neighborhood crossing guard. His name is Mr. Moe and he’s a staple in the community, helping make everyone’s day a little brighter.

He greets every car that passes with cheers and shouts of “I love you! Have a great day!”

He knows the school bus schedule and helps students get on five different buses every morning. It all started when he brought his granddaughter to the bus stop one day.

“Some people say it’s been 15 years," Mr. Moe said. "I don’t know. After the first year I stopped counting.”

He realized that it wasn’t safe for the children to cross the street, so he took on the mission of spreading safety.

“I have six stop signs here, and do they stop at those stop signs? No!”

His delivery speaks for itself, taking neighborly love to another level.

“Oh my god this is an ongoing thing every single day,” neighbor Elizabeth Ortiz said. “This man is like the best thing that ever happened to me early in the morning.”

Dark and early, rain or shine, Mr. Moe shows up.

Good News- Crossing guard

“The parents started showing me that they trusted me," he said. "They would say well you’re now here, I ain’t gotta come!”

He built trust with the children, who he calls his babies, too.

“He never lets us cross the road he makes sure we’re safe,” one child said.

He's more than just a crossing guard.

“I tell them I need you to keep your grades up, you gotta obey momma and daddy,” he said.

He is teaching and protecting.

“When 4:30 comes and all my babies are out of sight going home so I know they’re safe,” he said. “I sleep good because of that.”

He says years ago a police officer gave him his first traffic vest. The upgraded coat and gloves he wears today are thanks to his generous neighbors.

“See I couldn’t afford this!” he said.

He works for free, because to him it’s not work.

“I do get paid! Not monetary but my babies love me and you can’t put a price on love! You can’t put a price on love!”

Mr. Moe said before this, he worked in street maintenance for the city of Charlotte, which is how he learned the rules of the road.

At 69 years young, he doesn’t have plans to quit anytime soon.

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