Businesses, city leaders want to keep events coming to Charlotte

Impact of recent events in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Businesses are profiting from having three major basketball events in Charlotte within weeks from each other. It will be a February and March to remember.

The NBA All-Star, CIAA Basketball Tournament and ACC Basketball Tournament all came to Charlotte during those months pumping millions into the local economy.

"Business has actually picked up a lot," Mellow Mushroom Kitchen Manager Akilah Burton said. "Which has been super great for us."

Burton says she wants the business to keep coming. She says Mellow Mushroom is hiring and wants to continue to put people to work. She says that can only happen if business is steady like it was during the three events happening back to back.

"It's been super awesome to kind of experience those big pushes just going into baseball season," Burton said. "Because we are going to get crazy then too."

Charlotte Assistant City Manager Danny Pleasant says so far so good with hosting the sporting events. The city is pleased companies are choosing Charlotte. Leaders say they want businesses to see a bump in their bottom-line.

"We keep an eye out to make sure that businesses get some of the action," Charlotte Assistant Manager Danny Pleasant said. "Get some of the benefit of having these events here."

Pleasant says Charlotte is getting good at hosting large events and it's paying off.

"Nothing leads to success like success," Pleasant said. "So as we have been successful here - our profile raises and people become interested in coming to Charlotte - seeing what a nice job we do hosting and providing the services that we provide to them and so we expected the trajectory will just continue and we'll continue to host more and more events as time goes on."

Pleasant says he believes companies are choosing Charlotte again because a cloud has been lifted off the Queen City. The assistant city manager believes the controversial law HB2, known as the bathroom bill, is history.

"I'm not hearing about that at all as people make decisions to come to Charlotte," Pleasant said. "So it seems like maybe we are over that hump. We are moving forward."

Charlotte will evaluate the big events to determine what needs to be tweaked. Leaders want Charlotte to get better so more games can keep coming Charlotte's way.

“We’re always tweaking,” Pleasant said. “We’re always adjusting. We’re always thinking about the next one coming - we’re in a continual learning process always.”

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