‘It’s just an evil act’: Nearly a dozen headstones vandalized at Shelby cemetery

Cemetery headstones toppled by vandals

SHELBY, NC (WBTV) - The cemetery is the final resting place for those who have passed on. The hope is that they’ll be at peace, but for several families in Shelby, that’s not the case. Someone knocked over headstones throughout the Webb Memorial Lawns cemetery and now police are trying to find the vandal or vandals.

Crews are in the middle of trying to repair or replace the 10 headstones that were ruined.

William Lynch, who is the Cemetery Technician, said, “I would just like to know what was on their mind. What would cause you do to something like this? It’s just an evil act.”

Lynch oversees the cemetery to make sure the lawn stays neat. He roams the resting place twice a day and has been doing so for the last 35 years. Through his experience, he believes it takes a special person to do what he does because death is not easy for most.

“It’s a certain temperament for this job because you catch people basically at their lowest,” said Lynch.

William says the damage has been devastating for the city of Shelby. Officials are trying to right this wrong by footing the bill for all the damages.

“I call the family up and let them know what has happened. Sometimes they understand, sometimes they don’t,” Lynch said.

An empty beer bottle was found next to one headstone that was toppled over. Right now as police continue their investigation into the vandalism, Lynch says he has his own theory for what happened.

“One person probably could, but it really would take more than one person to move that. Those stones are quite heavy,” Lynch said.

Digital Extra: Headstones vandalized at cemetery in Shelby

Lynch is hoping that police can catch whoever did this so the case can be closed and the deceased can rest again.

Shelby’s department of Parks and Recreation is looking into updating their security to keep a better eye on things so this doesn’t happen again.

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