“Get down,” robber calls out to customers inside bank near UNCC campus before shots fired by guard

Police: Guard fired shots at bank robber

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - UNCC Police have issued a notice to individuals on campus that an armed robber is on the loose and may be headed toward the school’s campus.

The robbery took place at the State Employee’s Credit Union off of University City Boulevard around 10:45 a.m.

One woman described the moments she was at the bank before she realized she was in the middle of an armed robbery with guns drawn in both directions around her.

“I saw him pointing the gun,” said the woman about a guard inside the bank. "I turn my back, I saw this guy. He was pointing also the gun to this officer and he said ‘everybody down.’

UNC Charlotte police say the suspected bank robber was wearing a mask and possibly carrying a shotgun.

CMPD says that guard inside the bank shot at the suspect.

“He ran out of the the door and the security move on and he shoot another shoot another,” said the woman inside the bank.

“Shots being fired that’s a whole 'nother story that’s a lot more concerning,” said Zachary Bunn.

Bunn is a student at UNCC and banks at the State Employees Credit Union.

“The bank’s right on campus people from school go there all the time, I go there all the time, so it’s scary,” said Bunn.

Terrance White banks at the SECU, too, and says he has never felt scared before going inside.

“When I come here I always feel safe and the security guard is here and greets you he’s walking around,” said White.

CMPD says in all the commotion—no one was hurt.

But now..... the the suspected robber is still on the run.

“Right in your backyard where you go to school is definitely a shocker,” said Bunn.

CMPD is searching for the robber and need your help to find him. If you know anything about this case that could help police track them down you’re asked to please share that information. You can call Crime Stoppers at 704.334.1600 to share anything you know.

You can also contact the UNCC Police Department at 704-687-2200.

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