Thieves ransack home after mom passes away in Monroe

Home ransacked after woman's death

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - Charlie Mullins’ mom Debbie loved Elvis, he says, sitting under a framed poster of the singer inside his mother’s Monroe home.

And really, Debbie Button loved her family.

“She was so sick for so long,” Mullins says. “But she just kept going, had a really good spirit.”

His mother died less than two weeks ago.

“Her life insurance was a day short of two years,” Mullins says. “So, it’s contested. We had to come up with money for the funeral…she needed 24/7 care, so I took over for the last few years, so I lost her, and my income, my place to live.”

Through all this, Mullins had been checking on her home in the Circle Drive area every day, since.

“You keep expecting to go back in her room and she’ll be there, but she’s not,” he says.

He missed just one day, he says, and when he came back, found the home torn apart.

“I pushed the door open here and it was just open, all the cabinets in the kitchen were open,” he says.

Mullins says someone took his mom’s TVs, and other items - including her fishing poles.

“When she was sick we could go out [fishing], when we were able to, that’s how we spent our time together,” he says. “You can’t buy the sentimental value that those had, and never be able to replace those.”

Losing the personal items only adds to the grief.

“You just try to hold onto that stuff to remember them with,” he says. “Someone takes it away, money can’t buy that back.”

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