Man’s situation raises question of what to do if you believe there’s an error in a police report

Family claims incorrect crash report filed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Have you ever been in a car accident? If so, you know the paperwork and insurance claims can be a hassle.

One of the key pieces of paperwork taken down for accidents is a police report.

But what if you get home afterward, pull up the police report, and it doesn’t reflect what you believe happened?

This is what Sam McCrary says happened in an accident in Statesville in August 2018.

“How do I get this fixed when it’s not my fault they made a mistake?” said McCrary. “How does someone like me get help?”

McCrary after he says he was rear ended while sitting at a red light.

“The officer that took this report has my name right here stating that I said I was rolling a red light at this intersection. If anybody rolls that light they’re gonna get killed. I never stated that,” said McCrary.

Statesville Police Department says McCrary is simply not satisfied with what was written in the police report and wants to have it changed.

McCrary says the report does not reflect what happened in his accident.

Car accidents happen every day.

Is there any recourse if you get in an accident and you believe a police report is taken down incorrectly in your case?

“If you find there is an error or something was not communicated accurately from what you told the officer to what was in the report reach out to them,” said Lt. Brad Koch from CMPD.

Statesville Police said they are diligently working with McCrary to find out what happened in the accident and make sure their report is accurate.

The best recourse after an accident is to contact the officer who made the report, whose name will be listed on the report, and discuss any inaccuracy you find in their reporting.

“Our job in law enforcement is to make sure we don’t necessarily get it quick but we get it right,” said Koch.

Koch advises to get in touch with whatever agency issued the report as quickly after the incident as possible to begin the discussion about changing it.

“Maybe somebody out there can hear this story and the same thing won’t happen to them,” said McCrary.

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