Monroe mother shares story of babysitter abuse to caution other parents

Child shaken as infant faces uphill battle

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Monroe mother Judith Garcia got a call in the summer of 2017 that no parent ever wants to receive. While Garcia was away from her house, her babysitter called to say that her infant daughter, Kayla, had become unresponsive. Garcia said she raced home as soon as she got the call.

“When she give me my baby, she was like a baby doll - no movement, no breathing, no nothing,” explained Garcia in an interview with WBTV Wednesday.

She said Kayla was rushed to get medical treatment. She said the baby was eventually taken to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. Garcia said doctors told her that the baby had suffered brain damage. Police officers and social workers were called in to investigate.

“They start interviewing us and asking questions, but like we didn’t know what happened,” explained Garcia.

An investigation would reveal Garcia’s babysitter, Adilene Garcia Torres, was responsible for the injuries. Torres is now in prison serving a minimum of nine years behind bars for felony child abuse, according to Sgt. Steve Morton with the Monroe Police Department.

“I never thought that somebody could hurt a baby like this,” said Garcia. “That ruined our life. That ruined my daughter’s life. She never gonna be the same.”

The family’s love for little Kayla is stronger than ever. Garcia said that because of what happened, Kayla is blind, she can’t eat on her own, and she suffers from countless seizures. The family has grown accustomed to making regular trips to the hospital because the baby’s immune system is weak.

“Our life, it was perfect before all this happened, but now it’s always, always the hospital,” said Garcia.

The mother encourages other parents to pay close attention to their children and be mindful of who is watching them.

Garcia said that Kayla has had several medical procedures that have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in total. A GoFundMe page has been created to provide the family with financial assistance.

WBTV reached out to Torres’ attorney’s office for comment on this story, but was told the attorney does not speak to the press.

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