Burke Chase suspect still being sought, wreck damage still being totaled

Manhunt for man who crashed into vehicles during chase

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - A man who led State Troopers on a high speed chase Wednesday night in Burke County is still on the run.

Troopers believe 28-year-old Tyler South was driving a car that hit speeds up to 120 mph during the pursuit. The ten-mile long chase went from Interstate 40 to side roads and eventually Highway 64 south of Morganton.

In the process, one citizen’s car was hit by the suspect vehicle at an exit ramp. Another was struck as it turned off of Highway 64.

“It hit me hard,” said Charles Worley. He says it all happened fast. “It spun me plum around!”

A few miles away, the suspect went off the roadway, knocked down a steel gate, and hit a parked car. Two troopers used their vehicles to try to block the suspect from driving back onto the roadway.

Instead, the suspect jumped and ran and left the car rolling. It slammed into the two patrol cars. Damage was minor on one, a bit more on the second but both were driveable.

The suspect then took off into some woods and disappeared. Information from a passenger in the suspect car who stayed behind, along with other evidence found at the scene, led troopers to the ID of the suspect.

Tyler South has an extensive criminal record and was actually stopped three weeks ago by a trooper and charged with driving while license suspended. When he is caught, South will face more than driving violations. A search of the suspect vehicle turned up more than three ounces of methamphetamine, several grams of heroin, and an ounce and a half of marijuana.

The tag on the car also appeared to be stolen.

Authorities are asking anyone who has information as to South’s whereabouts to call the Highway Patrol.

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