Local photographer uses unique skills to help client hurt badly in Monroe crash

Local photographer uses unique skills to help client hurt badly in Monroe crash

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - Ali Robbins of Alivia Photography captures moments.

“Photography has led me to so many amazing families,” she says.

But capturing these special moments can also lead to being there for the tough ones. Like for a young Monroe family, The Hazeltons.

“I was like, I’ve got to do something for them,” she says.

Robbins learned dad of two young daughters, Scott Hazelton, was hurt badly in a wreck Friday on Highways 218 and 601. North Carolina Highway Patrol says an 18-wheeler ran a red light at the intersection there, slammed into Hazelton’s vehicle, causing it to also hit another car.

Robbins says Hazelton is in the hospital now, battling a brain injury.

“It’s very serious, and they’ll never know his cognitive state until he wakes up,” she says. “And that alone is just so scary to think about.”

So, Robbins turned to social media, wanting to raise funds for the family. The offer – $100 family portrait sessions, all going to help the Hazeltons.

“I was just praying I was going to get 10 sessions,” she says.

She got much more than that.

“Around 250. 250 people,” she says. “I wish I could photograph every single person, but it might fill out my calendar for the entire year.”

So now, she’s turning people to a GoFundMe page as well, as she, and they, sit shocked at a community so willing to lift them up.

“It’s awful that you have to go through these things to bring people together sometimes,” Robbins says. “But when people do come together, it’s just amazing what can happen, and how you can help somebody.”

The photographer says the message that surprised her the most was from a woman who said she was part of the flight team that brought Scott Hazelton from the crash scene to the hospital that day, and wanted to do whatever she could to continue helping him and his family.

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