No charges pursued for officer-involved Charlotte shooting following investigation

No charges pursued for officer-involved Charlotte shooting following investigation
(Source: Dakota, Michael)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A review by the state District Attorney’s office has resulted in the dismissal of any possible charges for a law enforcement officer involved in a fatal shooting in front of a north Charlotte nightclub in August.

Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jose Dugger was determined to be acting in self-defense when he shot into the vehicle of Donald Janvier in the parking lot of Tropix Bar & Lounge on August 25.

Citing interviews with multiple witnesses to the scene, including fellow law enforcement agents as well as the owner of the establishment, investigators came to the conclusion that Dugger was in, ‘imminent danger of great bodily harm or death’ when he fired into the car driven by Janvier. This threat to his well-being justified the decision to open fire according to the investigation and no charges are being sought as a result.

The shooting occurred after law enforcement arrived at the nightclub upon discovering that two artists performing at the venue had gang affiliations. When they arrived at the lounge, officers witnessed Danvier attempting to bring a firearm into Tropix after having previously been asked to leave.

Eyewitness accounts stated that Danvier was ordered by police to drop the weapon but refused to adhere to these commands and instead returned to his vehicle and attempted to drive away, striking Dugger and fracturing his leg, causing the Special Agent to fire a shot into the oncoming car.

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