Gastonia couple gets roof repaired for free after WBTV story airs

Contractor helps elderly couple in need

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - There’s been an incredible update to a story WBTV brought you on Friday. We introduced you to an elderly couple in Gaston County dealing with rain and cold air flowing into their home because of a large hole in the roof.

The couple couldn’t afford to fix it and as of Monday, and after seeing our story, a local contractor and several other local businesses have stepped up to fix this couple’s home - for free.

There’s fresh wood and brand-new shingles that are being laid down for Wade and Louise Lunsford’s new roof.

This is all happening because Brandon Johnson, who runs Southern Star Roof and Construction, said the Lord laid it upon his heart to help the couple who is in their 80’s.

“When we saw the story, we just felt the immediate need to act,” said Johnson.

Providence Restoration will be rennovating the inside of the Lunsford’s home and ABC Supply Company has pitched in by supplying the shingles.

The first time WBTV’s Bria Bell spoke to the Lunsfords, they told her it wasn’t easy to ask for help. They both live on social security and any money they have that’s left over goes towards their medical bills.

“It’s really degrading to me,” said Wade Lunsford said on Friday.

Johnson said he’s glad the couple changed their minds and decided to reach out. He also said a home with a leaky roof, where pots and pans catch the rain, and furniture that’s covered to keep it from being soiled from all the wetness is no way to live.

“The job is pretty bad, we just called in about 50 sheets of plywood,” Johnson continued.

For Johnson and his construction crew, he said the good work they’re doing is God’s work and now he’s challenging any other businesses out there to do the same and pay it forward.

“I feel like God has given us so many resources that it would be crazy not to give back to our own community,” said Johnson.

No matter where you live, it’s always nice to know that your neighbors have your back when you need it the most.

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