'Voodoo’ and interrogation tapes: a day in the Rayquan Borum trial

Voodoo part of alleged threat against judge

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Rayquan Borum trial continued Friday with a surprising start - talk of voodoo and magic. It’s not something you expect to hear in a courtroom, but that wasn’t the only surprising development.

Jurors saw the video of Rayquan Borum’s interview with police after he was accused of shooting and killing Justin Carr. It’s a video we have heard a lot about, but have not been able to watch and share until Friday.

Near the end of the video Borum admits to firing in to the crowd.

Attorneys on both sides argued for hours in pre-trial about using the video as evidence. The judge ruled it would be used and on Friday the jury saw beginning of it.

The whole interview goes on for hours. One thing that didn’t take hours was a hearing about a motion to recuse Judge Gregory Hayes from the trial.

“We do not intend to proceed on that motion," said Borum’s defense attorney.

On Wednesday, a phone call came to light that prosecutors said threatened the Judge Hayes, so the defense motioned to recuse the judge.

Friday, Borum himself stood and said he decided he didn’t want to push for the judge to be recused.

Then we learned more about the calls that, prosecutors say, involved an occult leader in Florida.

“That gentleman was being asked to do was to pray against certain people. Your name was one of those names,” said the prosecuting attorney.

The prosecution said Borum seemed to be looking for a magical remedy to his circumstances in making multiple calls to his mother using another inmates ID number and trying to raise some money.

“To pay a voodoo healer in Raleigh in order to obtain that practitioners services,” said the prosecution.

The judge says when he first heard the call he was concerned for his family’s safety, but following an investigation, that is no longer a concern.

“I am now completely able to fairly and partially and ethically preside over this trial,” said Judge Hayes.

The trial continues into its fourth week on Monday. Judge Hayes said he thinks the jury may begin deliberations next week.

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