Medical University of South Carolina buys Springs Memorial Hospital in Lancaster

Rural Hospital merges with MUSC in Lancaster

LANCASTER, SC (WBTV) - Springs Memorial Hospital has been a long-time fixture of Lancaster County, as the only local healthcare provider.

Now, it will become part of a much bigger network since the Medical University of South Carolina purchased it, along with three other hospitals in the state, including Chester Regional Medical Center.

Health leaders and city leaders in Lancaster celebrated the purchased Friday at Springs Memorial Hospital.

“It’s cutting-edge technology, support to physicians and solidifying our city as the center of healthcare for this region,” Lancaster Mayor Alston DeVenny said.

MUSC is a non-profit based in Charleston, SC. In addition to providing healthcare, CEO Dr. Patrick Cawley says they also explore innovative forms of medicine.

“We’re an entity that sits at the crossroads of education and healthcare, so we deliver healthcare but at the same time we teach, innovate and develop new ways to do things.”

Springs Memorial Hospital leaders are hopeful that this will expand access to healthcare for citizens in Lancaster, while providing it at a lower cost.

“The boundaries that are being set today are essentially limitless, so we are falling into a great county that has everything in front of it,” Springs Memorial Hospital CEO Page Vaughan said.

Since the hospital is switching from a for-profit ownership to a non-profit ownership, the City of Lancaster is losing roughly $800,000 in tax revenue a year, according to DeVenny. He says they are hoping the new ownership will spur other developers to join the Lancaster Community and offset the financial loss.

“”It is a huge impact to us, but just like any other organization we have to be flexible and look at other ways of development,” DeVenny said.

Springs Memorial Hospital will now be named Lancaster Medical Center. Cawley says they plan to expand telemedicine in the region.

“Because that’s the way we can deliver high quality, high reliability and and less expensive care to you,” Cawley said.

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