Gastonia couple struggles to fix roof as rain turns home into flood zone

Rain pours into elderly couple's home

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - A lot of us have complained about how much rain we’re getting, but there’s one family who is desperately hoping the rain will stop. If not, the inside of their house turns into a flooding zone.

When there’s so much rain, it makes tree limbs weak. Several trees limbs unfortunately have fallen and punched holes into Wade and Louise Lunsford’s home. So for them when it rains, it really does pour.

With a broken roof, the Lunsfords look at rain a lot differently than most. At this point, we’ve gotten used to seeing it on the radar, but all the wetness is causing Wade and Louise Lunsford to do something they never thought they would have to do - and that’s ask for help.

“It’s really degrading to me,” said Wade.

Containers and pots around their home help to hold the water that seeps through their ceiling. The wind makes its way through there too, so they have portable heaters constantly running to keep warm. There’s also plastic covering on their bed so they don’t feel like they’re sleeping in a puddle.

“It’s terrible, terrible. Very frustrating,” Wade and Louise agreed.

The couple, who is in their 80’s, struggles to just make ends meet. Both are on Social Security and their medical bills are piling up. They occasionally get some money from family members to survive, but that’s it. They have what they need with nothing extra, which means they can’t afford to fix their roof.

They live outside of city limits so there’s nothing that officials in Gastonia can do. They say they tried reaching out to Habitat for Humanity, but the group doesn’t fix roofs – they just build homes.

“So we just kind of hit dead ends on everything we checked out,” Lousie confirmed.

Both Wade and Louise have lived in the house for 40 years, so to them this isn’t just a house. It’s a place that’s filled with love and it’s where they share a lot of memories. They say they don’t see themselves living anywhere else.

“It’s home. It’s home,” said Wade.

If you would like to help the Lunsfords, you can reach them at

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