March looks to come in like a ‘cold’ lion this year

Wednesday morning First Alert forecast

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As we roll out of February and into March you may be tempted to think Winter has come and gone. Certainly, with the daffodils up in many Piedmont neighborhoods that assumption is understandable.

But it's important to remember late-season snow storms have certainly come our way in the past. March 1960 still stands as the snowiest month on record in Charlotte with a total of 19.3 inches. In fact, five of the top eight snowfalls on record in Charlotte have come in February or March. The takeaway here is that history is still on the side of those wanting another round of snow across the WBTV News area before we truly kick into Spring.

If that were to even be a possibility, we'd need moisture - in the form of a low-pressure system - to come up from the South.

Even given the record-breaking wet weather of late, that's not a given.

Before we get too excited, understand that without cold-air support, there's really not even a conversation. This blog is not about specific days, but rather to highlight the expected trend. All indications are that it will be colder-than-normal for the first two weeks of March. And not just here in the Carolinas, but throughout much of the United States. Temperatures across the northern half of the nation may be more reflective of January than March.

So, again, there are no specific promises of snow, but there's little doubt we are headed for a colder-than-normal stretch of weather starting about Monday and generally lasting through the middle part of the month.

But for snow-lovers, just remember: one key ingredient without the other means nothing...we’d have to have both the cold and a southern storm to get any of that white, fluffy stuff around here!

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