Dream On 3: Student gets UNC-Chapel Hill dream come true

Dream On 3: Student surprised with visit to UNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kevin Josey is a student at North Iredell High School. People shout his name in hallways – you might as well call him President of the school.

The support is extra special when you hear that Kevin lives with an intellectual disability. Recently, the students in his school honored him with a big surprise, care of Charlotte charity, Dream On 3.

"Kids here understand that it's okay to be different,” said junior Kirsten Baker. “And by being different, that makes you… it honestly doesn't make you different at all! It makes you yourself."

A total of 1,000 students filed into the gym to honor a friend, and it was instant to see the love for Kevin. He has no concept of negativity and no reason to be anything but cheerful. He went on for two full minutes helping the student body celebrate HIM. He finally stopped long enough to play basketball in a faculty-versus-student game, dance with cheerleaders, then get the surprise of his life.

"You are going to Chapel Hill,” said Anchor Molly Grantham, who was emceeing the assembly. “You’re going to meeting Coach Roy Williams, and meet all the players. Plus, you’ll shoot hoops in the Dean Dome and get VIP tickets to watch Carolina play in a game!”

Student organizers say Kevin’s reaction was better than they'd hoped.

“Oh my God, it was amazing!” Wannis Allen said. “I never could dream being part of something like this."

A week later, Kevin’s family got up with WBTV. They said the dream weekend was truly dreamy – that their son had the time of his life with memories to last forever. But, in some ways, they added, the send-off was most important. Why? It showed a boy who didn’t know he was “different” being given the freedom to be himself... and hear support in all directions as he let his sincerity shine.

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