Police say woman assaulted officer and two paramedics

Police say woman assaulted officer and two paramedics
Shalon Shaver was charged with an assault on police and two paramedics

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A woman assaulted a police officer and two paramedics who were trying to help her, according to a report at the Salisbury Police Department.

Shalon Shantell Shaver, 42, of Woodleaf Road, was charged with felony assault on a law enforcement officer, simple assault. and felony assault on emergency personnel.

According to police, the incident began on Thursday afternoon. A neighbor in Holly Leaf apartments saw Ms. Shaver apparently passed out on the floor of her apartment. The neighbor called 911.

An ambulance arrived to take Shaver to the hospital. On the way, Shaver allegedly attacked two of the paramedics, and was screaming and cursing.

The ambulance stopped on Mahaley Avenue near Park Road to wait for police to respond.

One paramedic had been slapped in the face, another paramedic was kicked in the face and had an “inch-wide” bite mark on an elbow.

When the officer arrived, she was scratched twice in the face.

Shaver was also suffering from a health issue at the time, according to the report. She was released on a written promise to appear in court on Friday.

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