Parents react after student brings gun to South Mecklenburg HS, officials say

Parents seek solution to guns at school

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -'It’s unfortunate that its gotten to this,' said one parent about Tuesday’s events.

Tuesday, just before noon, CMPD responded to the South Mecklenburg High School campus after officials said a student brought a loaded gun to school. That student was between 14 and 15 years old.

CMS says no one was hurt during the incident, the gun was turned over to a school resource officer and classes were not disrupted. We talked to Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox recently about guns in CMS schools.

‘We’ve had a number of guns found on our campuses and a lot of people say well that’s horrible, and yes it is,' explained Wilcox during the interview. ‘But the reality is that we’ve only had one gun fired and a lot of that is because students will go and tell the teacher and adults that they respect that there is a gun on the campus.’

CMS says that is exactly what happened this time—another student alerted a teacher about the student having a gun.

‘I cant fathom my child having access to a hand gun or really any other gun,’ said one parent we spoke with.

Reaction poured in online across the WBTV Facebook page, with one user commenting that, ‘CMS needs to spend money to keep these kids safe’. Wilcox recently said that’s exactly what CMS has done with the new random high school security screenings.

‘Those are all funding resources we could be using to educate our kids better but we are now forced to use those to take a better look at security,’ said Wilcox.

Those screenings include wanding and metal detectors—but they are random, so metal detectors aren’t an everyday thing at each school.

“I don’t know what the answer is, I’m not sure that you want kids going through metal detectors every day like that.”

Other parents say differently.

‘I wouldn’t be opposed to metal detectors or security that was armed.’

‘I mean, maybe some of the responsibility begins at home? I mean what are the parents doing to see if their kids are involved with guns or friends who have guns, things of that nature.’

We’re told that the South Mecklenburg student is facing disciplinary action—and that it could range from long-term suspension up to expulsion.

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