CMS mother says son who has speech disability, continuously dropped off at wrong bus location

A Charlotte mother claims her son, who has a speech impairment, has been dropped off at the wrong location multiple times within the past year.

Boy dropped at wrong bus stop

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - “If they don’t find my child then, what am I going to do?" questioned one CMS mother who asked to remain anonymous for her son’s safety.

“He has a speech impairment so it’s kind of hard for him to communicate what he wants and what he needs" said the mother.

She says her son goes to Allenbrook Elementary, a CMS school. She says he usually attends the after-school extended care program, but on days where that program is cancelled he takes the bus to get home.

“About 2 weeks ago he was dropped off at Johnson Mini School that’s off of Hovis Road in Charlotte, and he’s never been dropped off at that location," said the mother.

Johnson Mini School is not a CMS run school. The school is approximately 2.6 miles away from the location her son was supposed to be dropped of at—near Toddville road. The mother says she recorded video while picking him up from the most recent incident, she says her son was visibly upset about what happened.

“They were kind enough to let him in, the supervisor contacted Allenbrook Elementary because another student was dropped off there with him and that’s how they knew it’s where he went to school too," explained the mother.

She says this isn’t the first time this has happened. Back in April, she says her son was dropped off and found near Tuskegee Rd.

“We thought we had lost him and we didn’t think we were going to find him.”

After talking to the principal, the mother says the school explained they had a bus sticker on the back of her son’s book bag, with his address and everything on it so the driver would know where he was supposed to be dropped off. But the mom says that bag tag came off of his backpack and the school never put a new one back on.

“The school really didn’t do anything for us, CMS didn’t even contact me and apologize about it, they never even reached out to me for any reason," said the mother.

She says she hopes this doesn’t happen to other students or families in the future.

“What if there are other kids that have developmental issues and they aren’t able to communicate whats going on?" asked the mother.

WBTV has been in contact with CMS about this situation and they provided a statement that reads in part: "CMS transportation has been notified of one incident, in which a student got of the school bus with several other students at an incorrect stop. This issue was brought to the attention of school administration and has been addressed to ensure students exit the school bus at their stop and not get off the school bus with others.”

CMS says parents or students that are experiencing transportation issues should contact CMS transportation directly.

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