Vendors blame NBA’s fencing for bad business

Vendors blame NBA's fencing for bad business

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The food court located across the street from the Spectrum Center has encountered a challenge. Vendors set up there because the NBA All-Star is in town and games are played at the center.

The hope was people would leave the games and come across the street to get something to eat. The problem is little foot traffic has been seen in the lot.

“It was a little difficult,” customer Rodney Richardson said.

Organizers say the problem is fencing and concrete barriers make it difficult for people to get to the lot where the food trucks are. People have to walk around and can’t simply cross the street. Vendors are concerned.

“Traffic has been really slow,” vendor Vronn Pride said.

Vendors picked this particular lot to make money. They were depending on large crowds to make a good profit. Innervision owns the lot. The organization helps people with mental challenges get the services they need without payment. Renting out the lot to vendors was to be a fundraiser. Innervision claims the NBA walked the block with them before the games and informed them how the fencing would look. Innervision said they agreed but argues when the fencing went up - it was something totally different.

"There was to be no fencing there," Innervision Board of Directors Member Beatrice Thompson said. "People would be there. Now there is no access for them to come and that bothers me because you said one thing but the results are something else."

Innervision leaders say when they contacted the NBA about this issue, the NBA said they were too busy to talk about it.

"What concerns me is the NBA will be here for exactly 72 hours," Thompson said. "Innervision will be here for the duration."

Now customers are coming to Innervision's defense.

"I wish they had a little more foot traffic," Richardson said. "And have the street open to have the foot traffic so they could raise money."

WBTV reached out to the NBA for comment. Still waiting for a response.

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