All-Star crowd helps food truck business during slow season

Food trucks getting in on All-Star crowds

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Little Hart Smith wants you to know, his family’s food cart isn’t all him.

“I didn’t come up with, he did,” he says, pointing to his dad. “So, he can get credit.”

But he is helping his family with their Nutty B’s business on this busy All-Star weekend.

“It’s about teamwork,” he says. “If they weren’t here I wouldn’t be able to survive, and I wouldn’t be able to last out here with all these people.”

It’s expected to be thousands of people, as food carts and trucks take advantage of the traffic the big event is bringing.

“It can get overwhelming at times,” Latonia Glenn of NC Wings and Things says. “When it gets really busy.”

“Normally I wake up at 6:30 to make popcorn,” Desmen Milligan of It’s Poppin’ says. “All-Star Weekend, I wake up at 4:30 to make popcorn.”

Some are relying on the power of prayer.

“Depend on God, and hope for the best,” Shontrell Hopper of Hopper’s Soul Food says.

But it’s all worth it for a chance like this, he says.

“Money! That’s what it’s about. Hard work and it pays off.”

These business owners are hoping the added customers can launch into something big for them.

NC Wings and Things traveled more than two hours for the opportunity.

“Somebody tastes just one, the word’s going to spread like a wildfire,” Robert Glenn says.

Other, younger, entrepreneurs like Smith are picking the perfect time to learn the ropes.

“I’ve been out here for one day,” he says. “[My parents] have been out here for two – so I’m kind of new to this.”

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