Cabarrus County scoring with NBA All-Star Game

All-Star impact reaching beyond Charlotte

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - While Center City Charlotte is abuzz with excitement over the NBA All-Star Game, there’s also a nice economic bounce pass outside of Charlotte. Concord in Cabarrus County is reaping some rewards of this weekend’s big event.

If you take an Uber or Lyft around the NBA All-Star festivities this weekend, you may meet Gerren Phipps. He lives in Raleigh, but is working the All-Star game, and staying in Concord.

“By us coming out here to make money, we need to have a small overhead, because you get uptown, downtown area of Charlotte, the higher prices go, and people have already booked room in advance obviously for a big event like the NBA All-Star Game," Phipps said.

He’s a good example of the kind of business the game is bringing even outside of Charlotte. Many fans and those working the game and all the other events say they can save money if they stay a little farther out.

“Concord is seeing some overflows from that event and the hotels in the region," said Julie Hinson of the Cabarrus Convention Visitors Bureau.

How much overflow? Owen Parker, General Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn, says it’s a sell-out at his place.

“We have seen some spillover, we’re excited about it," Parker said. “We’re projecting sell-outs the next couple nights due to the NBA All-Star Game."

On Friday afternoon around exit 49 off I-85 it was busy on the streets and in the air.

The Concord-Padgett Regional Airport is one of the busiest in the state. On Thursday, NASCAR teams flew out for the Daytona 500, and on Friday, fans were coming in for the game and for other events going here this weekend.

“We’re just excited to welcome all of those visitors," Hinson added. "We’re excited that they’re here, excited that they get a chance to see some of Cabarrus County and Concord while they’re in town.

It shows that an All-Star attraction for Charlotte is a big assist for Charlotte’s neighbors.

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