Uptown Charlotte is transforming for NBA All-Star Weekend

Uptown Charlotte is transforming for NBA All-Star Weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The bustle of Uptown is about to get a whole lot busier, as venues prepare for the 150,000 people expected to descend on the Queen City.

But for some people, Wednesday would be the last morning they will head to the office this week.

“They encourage us to work from home Thursday and Friday if our schedule permitted,” Danielle James said.

It seems to be a trend.

“I plan to work remotely from home to avoid all the traffic the pedestrian traffic as well,” Denise Collins said.

Starting Thursday, 4th and 6th Streets at Caldwell and Brevard, East Trade Street in front of the arena, and East 5th street on the other side of the arena will close.

Sidewalks and parking lots started shutting down earlier this week.

On Wednesday, parking attendants were towing cars out of high traffic areas and placing no parking signs throughout the city.

Crews started moving basketball hoops and equipment into the arena.

People who live near the Spectrum Center started noticing the calm before the storm.

“Living uptown on College Street I’m hoping to get home from work early afternoon Friday and then not move my car again until Monday morning,” Uptown resident Haylee Dawe said.

She's one of many stopping to consider other ways to get around.

“I’m thinking that walking is the best option, at least maybe get down into Southend or a little farther out and then pick up a Lyft or an Uber from there," she said.

“Maybe the lightrail might be a good option so I don’t have to worry about parking,” Jorge Neri said.

If you’re riding, you will be stopped for security checks. They ask that you put all personal items in clear bags.

Plenty of police officers have already been making their rounds by Spectrum and the Epicenter.

“There will be so many festivities I’m excited for, but I hope everyone stays safe and makes good decisions!” Dawe said.

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