Dramatic video shows firefighters entering burning home

Blazing fire ruled as suspicious

STONY POINT, NC (WBTV) - A firefighter’s helmet camera captured dramatic video as they went inside a burning home in Stony Point Tuesday.

Jacob Abernathy, a volunteer firefighter at Stony Point Fire Department, said he and other firefighters went in just in case someone was trapped. The home, it turned out, had been vacant for some time.

Still, officials say the risk the firefighters took is one they take on many calls. Abernathy had a camera attached to the side of his helmet and it shows roaring flames as he entered the building as well as wires and other debris hanging down from the ceiling as he went room to room. Officials say it is what the firefighters are trained to do. In this case, though, the fire may have been intentionally set.

During the subsequent investigation an arson dog alerted to several locations and officials say that may indicate that flammable liquids may have been used. Samples are being sent to the state lab.

Assistant Fire Marshal Mark Earle says the video from the camera Abernathy carried shows just how dangerous fighting a fire can be and that people like Jacob risk their lives doing it.

If it does turn out to be arson, and someone is caught, they could face serious prison time. Earle says it is just lucky no one was hurt or killed “Or that individual might face a charge of murder.”

He and others hope the video of what happened Tuesday does send a message of how serious arson can be.

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