NBA All-Star game is about more than just basketball

Local charities picked up by NBA All-Stars

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You should know that the NBA All-Star game isn’t just about the big-time athletes, the celebrities, or even the parties that will be hosted in honor of the special event. This game essential impacts our community in a very special way and we’re not talking about the business side of things like an economic boost.

All-Star weekend will be the showdown for Team LeBron James versus Team Giannis Antetokounmpo as they go head to head for a victory. Whoever wins will give $350,000 to a charity of their choice. The losing team will hand over $150,00 to another non-profit.

It’s no surprise that the LA Laker who is known to be an advocate for students has chosen to support Right Moves for Youth. The group’s mission is to increase high school graduation rates and put students on track to be successful in whatever career field they chose.

Tayuanee Dewberry is the director at Right Moves. She says this means everything to them and shows that LeBron’s reach goes way beyond a basketball game.

“To have a hero to many of our young people, he’s been a stand-up guy and a great role model and understanding that he is that,” Dewberry said.

More students will be recruited for the non-profit with the money they’ll get from the NBA. This means we could see more doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals come out of Charlotte because of it.

“It’s an amazing ability to serve more deeply and more broadly through this investment and so it’s a game changer,” Dewberry said.

There was no better choice than the Second Harvest Food Bank for Milwaukee Buck Giannis Antetokounmpo. He grew up with very little and he’s said publicly that his family would often visit food banks to survive.

“The fact that he picked us and cares about hunger is a huge, huge thing for us,” said Kay Carter the CEO for the food bank.

Carter says this is a blessing because the money will allow the organization to fight hunger in a stronger way.

“We have a lot of need here so whatever we do it’s going to feed a lot more people,” Carter said.

This goes to show that for a lot of the players in the NBA that we’ve come to love and adore, it’s bigger than basketball.

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