Jury selection begins in trial for man accused in fatal 2016 protest shooting

Jury selection underway in Borum trial

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Jury selection in the Rayquan Borum trial began on Wednesday.

Borum is accused of killing Justin Carr during the 2016 Charlotte riots following the shooting death of Keith Lamonte Scott.

Judge Gregory Hayes welcomed 52 people randomly selected as potential jurors into the courtroom.

Twelve names randomly chosen to come and sit on the jury and then questioning began.

The defense and prosecution asked questions of each juror individually in the courtroom about any media or pre-trial publicity they are aware of related to the case.

Attorneys asked things like, ‘have you seen any social media posts about this case?" and “do you have any opinions about what happened in this shooting?’

Judge Hayes said he expects the trial will go on for three to four weeks.

Jurors will come back together as a group to be questioned about an general biases they might have that could impact their decisions in this case when court starts tomorrow.

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