Forever Family: Bringing family and love to our ‘waiting children’

Impact of Forever Family
Impact of Forever Family(Source: WBTV)
Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 10:45 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Seven Homes and Forever Family believe there is a family out there for every child waiting to be adopted. We, along with Eric Thomas and WBTV, believe that permanency is something that EVERY single child deserves.

We believe that part of our responsibility is to raise awareness about the current crisis of what we refer to as “waiting children.”

Our “waiting children” are children through no fault of their own enter into foster care, and if reunification with their birth family is not possible they wait. They wait for a family who is willing to adopt them, they wait for stability, they wait for permanency, and they wait to be able to say “I’m home.”

Each and every child deserves to say those powerful words. However, in North Carolina there are roughly 1,100 children cleared for adoption that go to bed at night without knowing whether or not they will ever be able to say “I’m Home.”

Every Tuesday on the 7:00pm newscast WBTV shares a story about a child who is waiting to find their forever family. These brief summaries attempt to give viewers a glimpse of the unique individual they are and the joy they would bring to a family.

Our hope is to help give these children a platform and an opportunity to share their story and to be ambassadors for the many waiting children that have not yet been filmed.

We desire to help our “waiting children” be one step closer to the chance to say “I’m Home.” Every adoption starts with one family who is willing to open their hearts, open their home and share the love and hope that is found in permanency.

It is our hope that through sharing their stories on WBTV that families would recognize the strength in themselves and step up and get involved in foster care or adoption. Seven Homes has seen countless couples become licensed foster families to help provide children under care a safe home, where they are nurtured and loved.

Our “waiting children” are waiting to feel safe, desiring to feel loved and begging to be cherished. Seven Homes hopes more families will continue to say YES to these children, YES to fostering, and YES to making it possible for a waiting child to be able to say “I’m home.”

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