Transportation companies look forward to NBA All-Star game providing business boost

Transportation services hope for boost during All-Star Weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Not only will bars, restaurants and retailers benefit when NBA All-Star Weekend takes place in uptown Charlotte; local transportation companies are also hoping to receive a business boost.

Damien Webb, owner of Sprinter Lyfe in Charlotte, operates a fleet of sprinter vans. He’s been driving commercially for four years, and looks forward to the crowds coming for the All-Star Game.

“You can’t get any bigger. You can’t get any bigger than this,” said Webb.

For that reason, he expects his bookings to increase dramatically this coming weekend.

"Normal week you might have three bookings with the sprinters. Expect 20. Expect 30,” he said regarding the special event.

Alvin Stennett, the owner of Upscale Car and Limo Service, is hoping the NBA All-Star Game will provide for a resurgence of the limo industry. He said the industry has recently been hit hard by the rise of rideshare companies.

“We lost so many people to Uber and Lyft and this is an opportunity for us to reestablish ourselves,” explained Stennett.

He said his hopes were dashed when Charlotte lost the 2017 NBA All-Star Game due to the controversial bathroom bill. He’s thrilled the city is getting a second chance at hosting the event.

“We were so disappointed. We’re looking forward to regenerate from that loss a couple years ago,” said Stennett.

With the big weekend just days away, Stennett and Webb are hoping to leave a lasting impression on the fans and tourists who are visiting Charlotte. They said they’ve already booked rides for some All-Star Weekend customers.

“We’re trying to let the world know we are a city. We’re not a little country town like people think. We are a city,” said Webb.

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