Local businesses using CBD react to new NC restrictions

New regulations for CBD-infused products

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - CBD oils are popping up everywhere in side businesses - things like CBD yoga classes, burger joints and skin care lines.

CBD is the calming part of the marijuana plant. It’s legal, and it doesn’t get you high. But now, these side businesses are preparing for new federal regulations that North Carolina is expected to send out next week.

Many of the businesses know these regulations are coming, but haven’t gotten any official letter from the state, yet.

That includes Taboo Lounge And Hookah Bar in Uptown, which is one of those businesses that has continued to find new ways to offer customers legal CBD – like a different kind of specially smoked cocktail.

“Usually it’s with wood chips, but this is with CBD flower,” bartender Todd Bayley says.

But the new regulations set to come down in the coming days will shape their approach, and these businesses want to make sure they comply.

“That we’re able to give the public something they want, but we also want to make sure we’re doing it in the right, responsible way as well,” Bayley says.

For CBD shops, that’ll mean eliminating an entire portion of CBD-infused products, but not before they go on discount.

“We’ll offer these products until we’re told we can’t sell them,” Michael Sims says. “But we won’t be replenishing our stock.”

So what will these new regulations be?

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services tells WBTV they’ll prohibit any CBD products advertising health claims, any dietary supplements like vitamins, and any CBD in food.

“Now that it’s been characterized and approved as a drug, it can’t be included in nutritional supplements as an additive, it likewise cannot be included in food products as well,” Joe Reardon at the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says.

It’s that new food rule that might impact businesses the most. Sales reps say CBD-infused products you consume as food or drink have been really hot-ticket items.

“They’ve been a big part of our business and it’ll definitely hurt us some,” Sims says.

These Charlotte spots haven’t been given their official letter with the regulations, but everyone WBTV talked with Friday says they’re making preparations to stay within the law, when they do come down.

“It’s going to be a loss to us,” Sims says. “But regulation, whether we believe it or not, is important to us, not to cause any more issues or bring any more stigma to the movement.”

The state says they know others are taking a more aggressive approach to enforcing new CBD rules, but in North Carolina they want to take an educational approach. That means first sending letters next week to keep all businesses in the loop, and seeing how that goes.

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