CMS leaders push to repeal House Bill 514

CMS pushing to repeal bill

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In a battle that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools continues to fight, parents say the ultimate choice is figuring out what’s best for children’s needs and making sure it is gone about in the right way. CMS says House Bill 514 isn’t going to get us there.

“I am very much for community charter schools,” parent Susan Aldrich said.

“I think public schools are the way to go,” parent Chuck Vogte said.

It’s a topic that continues to draw a divide. House Bill 514, passed during 2018′s July General Assembly, allowed four Mecklenburg towns - Matthews, Mint Hill, Huntersville and Cornelius - to create town charter schools set up exclusively for students who live in those areas and not for other students living outside that jurisdiction, all funded with local taxes.

“I know for a fact this isn’t the way that I would go about building partnerships,” CMS School Board Member Sean Strain said.

CMS leaders have continuously voiced their concerns against the bill, and now they’re asking state leaders to repeal the municipal charter included in House Bill 514.

They’re already working on drafting a bill for repeal.

Right now, House Bill 514 gives those four towns authority to spend local money on public education, which has traditionally been a state and county responsibility.

Parents WBTV talked to Thursday, agreed they want options for their children.

“I think that is gives everyone some options. I think for parents and for the children, you need to think about what your child needs,” parent Susan Aldrich said.

But CMS leaders are asking parents to consider the schools the district already has, to see if those options fulfill your child’s needs.

“I would say to parents look to your elected leaders to see whether or not they are making decisions that in behalf of all children," CMS At-Large School Board Member Mary McCray said.

Since CMS leaders are working on drafting the bill to repeal, there’s no decision yet on which state officials will be filing it at this time,

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