NBA All-Star Weekend will have citywide impact

NBA All-Star Weekend will have citywide impact

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When people arrive in Charlotte for NBA All-Star activities, certain roads around Spectrum Center will be closed. But it’s not just one spot that will see large crowds.

There will be events at Bojangles Coliseum, Spectrum Center, Convention Center, Epicentre and the Music Factory.

“Crowd control - the Music Factory is going do extremely well with all the venues you have over here" said Peter Thomas, owner of Club One Charlotte.

Thomas says he can’t wait to see exactly how busy it will be – with thousands expected to crisscross the area

“It's gonna be nuts over here,” said Thomas. “A lot of focus on the Music Factory."

For four days, the NBA will dominate Charlotte. Chances are even people not attending events will be caught in traffic.

“With the scope of where this event is going to be and the duration of the event, it’s going to be unlike anything that our city has ever seen" said Lt Brad Koch.

Police say they're expecting heavy traffic around malls as visitors venture out.

For example South Park... and some folks who live in that part of south Charlotte know that even though they're away from Uptown, it doesn't mean they'll be away from congestion.

“All kind of out of town traffic. People who have never been to the mall, want to see what stores we have to offer" a South Park resident told WBTV.

And then there’s Northlake Mall, where police are planning to see a surge of shoppers.

“We have been coordinating with the mall,” Capt Ryan Kendall. :We're increasing our staffing on duty at the mall. The mall is hiring additional off duty officers in addition to their security personnel."

Police say they expect most of the city will deal with heavy traffic.

“If you really have to be out you just have to understand that that there’s significant, significant traffic because you have so many people not familiar with the roadways" said Lt Koch.

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