Forever Family: Meet Marc

Forever Family: Marc
Forever Family: Marc(Source: WBTV)
Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 9:31 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I loved hearing our camera man’s thick accent “if I can get the right angle on this shot and capture this boy’s green eyes with the right light then I know that a family out there will see it and bring him home”

As you watch this segment on 11 year old Marc you will know exactly what our camera man meant about his captivating eyes that seem to effortlessly sparkle with excitement. As I set out to write this week’s post I was trying to think of what stood out most about Marc, a defining moment that I typically have where the setting becomes still and God allows me to see these kids with a distinct hopeful lens. The eyes through which I can write a brief part of their story, or help recruit potential families for them, it is a blessing that I have truly enjoyed these last few years with Forever Family.

But here's the thing about filming Marc that day; there was not one moment that stood out. When I think about Marc not only did I think about his distinct blue green eyes that look like the water, or his smile that pulls you in. All I could think about was what a cool kid he was. Marc is one of those kids that you just want to be around! Marc was a kid who was easy to do interviews with, not just because he is articulate or because he spoke in depth when asked a question but because as you watched him he seemed to truly enjoy the process.

We had Marc at a Children’s museum that was geared for 8 years and under but Marc made it fun, he made it look cool. Anything Marc did he embraced and enjoyed and he made others want to join him. He even praised Eric and did a mock weather forecast with him, showing off his skills with laughter.

I loved watching Marc interact with the other children we had at filming that day, some of whom had special needs. Marc engaged with them just like he would with anyone else, he approached them wholeheartedly, with joy and made their day fun too. This 11 year old is thoughtful, kind, positive and a kid who jumps in, joins the group and makes you walk away thinking, “that is just one cool kid.” I can see him standing in front of a bathroom mirror getting ready for school flashing his smile while smoothing his hair back with gel.

Instead of being arrogant or having an attitude, this is the kid that will turn around, strike a pose and ask his mom “don’t I look cool?” My hope is that someday soon he will have a mom to chuckle at his spiffy hairdo and say, “yes Marc, you are the coolest kid ever, I am so lucky that you are mine.”

Ashley McKinley

Program Development Director

North Carolina Forever Families Coordinator

Seven Homes Inc

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