Get in line because Chick’n Bites have come to Shake Shack

Get in line because Chick’n Bites have come to Shake Shack
Chick'n Bites (Source: Shake Shack)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Shake Shack opened the doors to its first location in Charlotte last summer, thousands of people lined up to get a taste of the world-famous burgers, hot dogs and sides that the restaurant has been serving up since 2004.

Beginning February 4, hungry visitors can now add Chick’n Bites to their menu options as the franchise announced this new addition to the pleasant surprise of foodies, chicken enthusiasts and social media users across the country!

Available for 6-pieces at $3.99 or 10-pieces for $5.99, Shake Shack Chick’n Bites are the perfect complement to the other options on the menu and are fresh and made-to-order, ensuring you’ll get that perfect combination of crispy and juicy with every bite.

For those who love dipping, the bites can be paired with honey mustard, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, ShackSauce and for those truly picky eaters, ketchup or buttermilk herb mayonnaise as well.

So if you’re mouth is watering and you’re ready to dig in, get to your local Shake Shack ASAP because these will only be available for a limited time in locations nationwide.

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