Mount Holly Army veteran says gun, important family documents were stolen from her home

Couple's home burglarized, documents taken in Mount Holly

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Jennifer Morales says her family just moved into the Creek Side Estates community in Mount Holly a few months ago. Morales said that after years of living in a smaller home just minutes away, it was time for her family to upgrade. Unfortunately, they’ve already fallen victim to a break-in.

Morales, an Army veteran, lives with her husband, an immigrant from Guatemala, and their two boys.

She said no one was home Tuesday when the alleged break-in occurred. Morales realized what had happened when she returned to the house and found someone had smashed out her bedroom window.

“I was devastated, like, who does this?” questioned Morales.

She said that whoever broke into the family home found their safe that contained several important items. Morales said the safe contained a gun, social security cards, passports, jewelry and her husband’s green card.

She said they’ve recovered some items that were found in neighborhood trash cans, but the gun and green card are still missing.

“Especially knowing how immigration is now and how strict people are getting, the green card is very important,” said Morales.

She worries that her husband could now fall victim to identity theft if his green card ends up in the wrong hands.

“He came from Guatemala and we’ve worked hard to have the life we have now and they can just ruin that,” said Morales.

She is also concerned about the handgun that has yet to be recovered. As a military veteran, she understands the importance of gun safety.

“As a veteran and as a concealed carry, I don’t want my weapon in the hands of somebody that’s going to use it,” said Morales.

She said she has filed a police report with the Mount Holly Police Department and is hoping investigators will track down the people responsible to recover the remainder of the missing items.

“If it’s not yours, don’t take it. You didn’t earn it. You didn’t work for it. It’s not yours,” said Morales.

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