Recent rain causes septic tank to overflow for Gaston County man, tips on how to prevent it

Excess rain causing septic overflow problems

STANLEY, NC (WBTV) -We’ve gotten a lot rain over the last few weeks and because of that, you may have noticed your yard is really wet and in some cases there may be standing water. It’s not good and it’s even worse if you have a septic system – especially if it overflows.

Bill Ward of Gaston County recently found part of his front yard covered in wastewater.

“It’s a poopy situation,” Ward laughed.

A section of his front yard is filled with wastewater because his septic tank couldn’t handle all the water.

“It was deep enough that you didn’t want to step in it,” Ward said.

So he called David Fecteau, of Dennis Willis Septic, to drain out all of the sludge.

“It’s something that you really don’t want to put the money out there for, but it’s something you really should,” said Ward.

Fecteau has 16 years of experience with this sort of thing and says if you hear sounds when you flush your toilet or when you run your washing machine, that could be a clear sign that your tank is about to start giving you problems.

“Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop. What that’s doing is forcing air back into your system,” said Fecteau.

Fecteau says to make sure that the overflow doesn’t happen, it’s important to check your septic tank levels every so often. He says it’s just as important as maintaining your car.

“Do you change your oil when you have a problem in your car, or do you change the oil every so often? Maintain your tank and it’ll last forever,” Fecteau continued.

Fecteau also says that if you feel like you’re having a problem with your drain, have a crew come check things out. He also says, it’s not a bad idea to get a second opinion.

“Call the health department because a lot of companies will just tell you something and they’ll scare you to go and do

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