Dream on 3 Dream Gala raises over $500,000 for kids

Charlotte charity makes dreams come true

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Every month we bring you stories about Dream On 3, a Charlotte-based charity helping make sports dreams come true for kids in our area.

In what turned into something pretty cool... for the first time ever, WBTV live streamed the charity’s big fundraising gala this past weekend through our website, wbtv.com. People around the country were watching.

One Instagram post showed a family watching through their phone with the hashtag #YouveGotFriendsInColorado. Another family posted saying they were watching in New Jersey. Text technology also let anyone watching bid on items and donate from the comfort of their couches. It was the 6th annual “Dream Gala” and this year was held in a dreamy-feeling Founders Hall in Uptown Charlotte.

Seven hundred people, including a couple New York Yankees players who flew down to attend. But what made the night -- what always makes these nights -- are the kids themselves. Twenty-nine kids last year had their sports dreams come true thanks to Dream On 3… the only limit to a child’s dream is their imagination.

So some kids were at Daytona 500 meeting all the NASCAR drivers, some on the sideline for NFL games, some center court for Duke-UNC, some being sent to Hawaii to surf with professional surfers, some getting personal one-on-one video game playing with NBA star Steph Curry. The night showed off the kids in a big way.

Together, the crowd raised over half-a-million to make more dreams come true for more kids this coming year.

WBTV had a large team of people there too, supporting the cause.

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