NBA All-Star weekend work opportunities in Charlotte

Job openings for All-Star Weekend in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - NBA All-Star weekend is a huge, star-studded event each year, and in just a few weeks it will be happening in Charlotte.

The event weekend is expected to bring the city millions of dollars, and could just bring you some extra bucks, too.

Charlotte’s Assistant City Manager says the NBA teamed up with the Charlotte Regional Visitor’s Authority (CRVA) to create an opportunity for a select group of people who know the Charlotte area well to become All-Star Ambassadors.

All-Star Ambassadors are being hired right now to work throughout the weekend and help with all of the events that are scheduled.

“It’s $15 per hour, [that] is pretty much the range we are looking for,” said Kelly Ross, a business development manager with Debbie Staffing.

The payment range for ambassador depends on what jobs people do. The following job information is from CRVA:

Agency: Event Staff Inc.

  • Job Title: Brand Ambassador
  • Pay: Between $11 and $13 per hour
  • Description: welcoming NBA enthusiasts throughout the week. You’ll provide various types of assistance and directions around the arena and be knowledgeable “human arrows” to points of interest around event venues.
  • Send Resume to:

Ross is also hiring ambassadors through Debbie Staffing, which is accepting applications here through their website.

“We’re looking for people who are friendly, who smile a lot who have that knowledge of Charlotte to really help the attendees find their way to this great event," said Ross.

What to know before NBA All-Star Weekend arrives

Assistant City Manager Danny Pleasant says the NBA teamed up with the Charlotte Regional Visitor’s Authority to make this ambassadors opportunity happen.

“It’s a great opportunity to pick up a little part time work participate in one of the biggest sporting events that has ever happened in our community," said Pleasant.

The community is expected to receive a big economic boost from hosting the game around an estimated $100 million.

There are about 150 spots open for NBA All-Star Ambassador hopefuls to apply to work on flexible shifts from February 14 until the 17.

“This is an exciting time, not just for the attendees but also for those of us making it a great event,” said Ross.

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