CMS Teachers, Staff get active survival, shooting training

CMS survival training for teachers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Detective Wesley Eubanks spent 30 years with CMPD—hes now working with Charlotte Mecklenburg School resource officers to keep our schools safe. Det. Eubanks says when you get in those dangerous, threatening situations, such as an active shooter, it’s how you spend those seconds after the first gun shot goes off—that could save your life.

Eubanks says if there’s a threat on a CMS school campus—your first line of defense is not the police; its yourself.

“Citizens have to make life or death decisions in fractions of a second.” says Eubanks

Eubanks says five minutes is all it takes. FBI statistics from Lockdown International show 69 percent of active shooter situations are usually over within five minutes, Police response time to those situations also averages at five minutes.

So Eubanks asks, “Can you stay alive for five minutes?”

In the training, Eubanks showed us the same techniques and training that 4,400 CMS teachers have already gone through and that 20,000 CMS employees will also be getting—all focused on making it through those crucial minutes.

Avoid, Barricade, Counter and Survive

When a threat happens, avoid it if you can. Create distance between you and the danger. If you’re inside a classroom, he says your first instinct may be to hide under a desk… but that can be deadly.

“Do you really want to play hide an go seek with your life?” says Eubanks.

Instead, use your time and objects in the classroom wisely and create a barricade. Eubanks showed us how to use an extension cord wrapped around a desk—creating a door plug..

“So now if they try and come in, whats going to happen?"

Those moments, Eubanks says, are buying you more time.

He says with the teacher and students lined against the wall next to the barricaded door, the students should divide into groups—one group, the “non-fighters”, ready to create distractions through throwing objects at the shooter.

Objects like chairs, desks, pens, fire extinguishers; anything you can throw at the threat, says Eubanks.

The other group of students are designated as “fighters” physically attacking the shooter. Eubanks says the disruptions will catch the shooter off guard, making it easier for the teacher and students to get control of the situation, and disarm the shooter if you can—and immobilize them until police help arrives.

A big question coming from this was, if your barricaded in a classroom, how do you know when the coast is clear? Eubanks says, call 911. The dispatchers will be able to tell you when the situation has been resolved and its full-proof way to get information from the source.

Eubanks also stressed the importance of having a ‘survival kit’ for injuries. A kit which usually costs around $180 can be made to suffice at a lower cost, through using items such as tampons to stop bleeding of bullet wounds and sugar, which can clot wounds.

Eubanks says in certain situations, first responders may not be able to get to you to treat injuries right away, so you want to make sure you have a ‘kit’ on-hand that can serve as a quick fix to buy you time, if you’re bleeding or injured. Again, Eubanks says the importance of all these techniques is to buy you time. The more time you buy, the better chance of survival.

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