Fort Mill siblings start sock drive at school

Siblings start sock drive at school

FORT MILL , SC (WBTV) - For the average person, socks are an afterthought, but for a local family it was a small step towards making a big difference.

Haddie Lee, Isaiah, Ames, and Honor Kincaid took matters into their own hands to help serve the less fortunate in Charlotte.

They started a sock drive at their school, Fort Mill Elementary.

What started as a family night out for dinner turned into an evening they won’t forget.

“We were headed that way and passed a group of folks that were warming themselves by trash can fire, assuming they were part of the homeless community in Charlotte and the kids were not okay with that,” said mother Rachael Kincaid.

The kids stopped the car ride and demanded they do something to help. In just a short time the family went to the grocery store and bought food and water to give to those individuals.

Their efforts didn’t stop there, the Kincaid siblings started a plan to continue paying it forward. They wrote a letter to the principal, met with the student council, and even got support from their guidance counselor to jump start their sock drive.

Within no time they were approved and started collected donations school wide. They started just this week and have already received over 250 pairs of socks from people far and wide.

“It makes me feel proud because everyone is helping to support the idea,” said Isaiah Kincaid.

When asked why they chose socks, the answer was that they were simple and easy to remember. A small gesture that they believe can make a huge difference.

“We wanted them to have a good life so their next generation could be healthy,” said Honor Kincaid.

The family has a wish list set up on Amazon where they are taking donations and accepting shipments.

Their next steps are to partner with local food banks, homeless shelters, and other organizations to distribute the socks to those in need.

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