Pageland welcomes ‘Small Business Revolution’ team with downtown parade, reception

Town's push to be featured on reality show

PAGELAND, SC (WBTV) - South Carolina state lawmakers named January 24, 2019 #MyPageland Day to recognize the hard work put in by small business owners in Pageland.

Chamber of Commerce President Timothy Griffin applied Pageland to be on the Hulu show 'Small Business Revolution.’ The stars of the show go to one town in America and help revitalize the downtown area by helping six small businesses with renovations, marketing and financial strategies.

Pageland has made it into the final 10 for season 4 of the show.

“Everyone wants to be involved that wasn’t involved before,” Elizabeth Smith, business owner of New Creations Embroidery in Pageland said.

Smith says she’s seen the community come together in ways she hasn’t seen before - all because they want a second chance at bringing their small town back to life.

“We have seen people that I would have never guessed a year ago, would be working together,” Griffin said.

As part of being a Top 10 Town, show producers and talent are visiting Pageland. To welcome the show staff, Pageland is putting on a parade downtown Thursday night, followed by a reception at Clyburn Hall.

Store fronts along Pearl and McGregor Streets were decorated with Small Business Revolution logos and the #MyPageland phrase.

(Source: Kristi O'Connor)

They hope that being one of the small towns that is named a finalist will help them make it on to the Top 5.

“That little bit [of money] will be enormous for this little footprint, compared to a drop in the bucket for those bigger towns,” Smith said.

If Pageland is named a Top 5 town, they would then be a part of a nation-wide vote. The winner will be the next town featured on ‘Small Business Revolution.’

“Even if we never got any further than where we are today, we’ve won,” Smith said. “This town has won something really special just for all that we’ve been able to be a part of together.”

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