Winter Weather Advisory is in effect overnight

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect overnight through Wednesday morning for all of our counties from I-85 northward into the mountains for the expected light freezing rain in some areas before and around daybreak. In most cases this will be little more than a conversation piece and a photo opportunity with the glassy tree branches in the morning. But some spots could develop some patchy thin ice on the roads and sidewalks, so just be careful venturing out early in the morning.

The more memorable part of Wednesday however will be the heavy rain that arrives later at night and quickly ends Thursday morning but not before many locations will pick up a quick inch of rain. This rain is part of a cold front that will bring in another cold air mass for the second half of the week and through the weekend. But the pattern will remain pretty and dry for anyone with outdoor plans.

Meteorologist Eric Thomas

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