Trevor Fuller says he is ready to run for Thom Tillis’ Senate Seat

County Commissioner Fuller ready to run for Thom Tillis' Senate seat

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Mecklenburg County Commissioner Trevor Fuller says he is ready to run for the North Carolina US Senate seat currently held by Senator Thom Tillis. He believes there is a crisis happening in the Senate when it comes to the state’s representation.

"I am running because I am not afraid to lead with vision," County Commissioner Trevor Fuller said. "With courage, with determination and I think now is the time for a change."

Fuller is currently serving his fourth term as county commissioner. He claims since the partial government shut-down is still happening - that shows something is wrong.

"This is a failure of leadership," Fuller said. "Somebody needs to say something and do something about this."

In a recent interview Senator Thom Tillis told WBTV he wants the government to get back to work, but won't sign a deal unless President Donald Trump gets his wish for stronger border patrol and that includes a wall.

"A wall is a middle ages solution to a 21st century problem," Fuller said. "The problem is we need a comprehensive immigration system. Our immigration system is broken - if we think that a wall is going to keep people from coming into this country or if we think that is a solution to an immigration problem that has been in existence for really decades - then we are fooling ourselves."

Fuller has a solution to end the shutdown.

"Agree on what we agree on," Fuller said. "And fight about the wall in some other venue. People shouldn't have to suffer cause of this political argument."

North Carolina could be a state to watch during the 2020 election. The state is considered a swing state meaning elections can be unpredictable. Fuller believes Tillis seat could be vulnerable but knows flipping the NC US Senate seat to Blue won't be easy.

"It is a challenge," Fuller said. "But I am up to that challenge. I think people see I am up to that challenge - that I understand what's at stake - understand what it will take. It means I will have to get across to people all across North Carolina."

The politician says his platform will be affordable housing, immigration, and universal Pre-K for all throughout the country. The start of Universal Pre-K for all has started in Mecklenburg County. The first wave was paid for by a tax increase. We asked Fuller does his plan call for an increase in taxes.

"I would rather put our resources in these early years," Fuller said. "Because the evidence is clear that if we invest in this period from birth to age 5 - the returns are just magnificent."

Fuller says he has been getting good feedback about his decision to run. He knows it will take money to run a successful campaign but hopes by campaigning in North Carolina - the money will come.

"NC is going to be a hot bed of activity in this 2020 election year," Fuller said. "When you look at where the attention is going to be, that's generally where you find those resources needed to get a message out."

Fuller makes his formal announcement Tuesday morning at 10 at the Gantt Center.

"I understand the work that needs to be done," Fuller said. "That I have the ability to analyze and carry through a vision."

WBTV reached out to Tillis' office for comment about Fuller's announcement and to ask if Tillis has decided to run again. No one has returned our call.

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