Country Day’s Coach Dwayne Cherry inspires on and off the court with Instagram rap videos

Country Day’s Coach Dwayne Cherry Inspires On and Off the Court

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Last year Coach Dwayne Cherry led Country Day to their first winning season since 2008, and he’s on track to do it again this season.

Establishing a winning culture is something he’s proud of, but more importantly, inspiring the kids he’s coaching and teaching to be the best person they can be - something he’s not only doing on the court and in the classroom, but online as well.

“I want them to be able to say that they had a really enjoyable experience, and that they really enjoyed playing basketball. Hopefully, they grew as a player from their freshman to their senior year they got better as a player, learned more about the game. Hopefully, they grew as an individual as well just by being a part of the program being a part of the culture that they learned accountability, responsibility, organization, discipline . . . things like that that it made them a better overall person,” Coach Dwayne Cherry said. “Leaving the program not just becoming a better basketball player, but also saying hey the things I learned by being a part of that program are going to benefit me later on as well.”

That type of inspiration is something that is well known about Coach Cherry, who is in his 9th season as head coach at Country Day, but he took everyone by surprise when he decided to join social media - something he was hesitant to do, simply because it didn’t interest him.

That all changed once a friend made a recommendation. “One of my friends gave me and idea and said maybe you can get on and promote your basketball program,” Cherry said.

Then one night he decided to post something else - his rapping skills. "I said I think I'm gonna post a rap video. Just for fun to add some personality to the page. I really wasn't expecting much of a response and I just posted it," Cherry said.

Now what started as an outlet for him to have fun, has become a hit with the Country Day community.

“I was kind of aware of the kids following me, but when the parents started coming up saying sometimes we will sit around the table and watch the videos or my child will tell me hey he posted a new one. I didn’t expect the parents to have an interest in it,” Coach Cherry said.

Country Day’s Coach Dwayne Cherry Inspires on and off the court

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