‘She is going be the coldest’: 7-year-old barbershop phenom turning heads, cleaning them too

‘She is going be the coldest’: Girl, 7, shines as barbershop phenom

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) - A 7-year-old Houston girl is starting to make waves as a barber.

Alijah Hernandez has been perfecting her craft for some time. She’s very knowledgeable about the different kinds of haircuts.

“A fade is when you’re cutting hair and it shows detail of your haircut,” she said explaining the haircut.

The pint-sized barber has been practicing her cuts under the guidance of her father Franky Hernandez who is a talented barber himself.

He realized Alijah was drawn to the clippers when she would watch him work.

"I taught her the right maneuvers (with) her watching me over time,” he said. “From there on out I was like, ‘she is going be the coldest barber I know.’ "

Alijah is in control of the clippers practicing her skills just a few short years later.

She’s catching attention not only at hair competitions across Texas, but also on social media.

Alijah's little sisters are also getting into the hair business.

Hernandez said he encourages his girls to pursue their passion, even if it's in an industry mostly dominated by men.

"We're not going to be stopping at a limit because they're women, right?" he said.

Alijah believes what she's doing can encourage other children.

"I call it inspiring other kids to come out and do the same thing," she said.

She is still years away from getting a license to professionally cut hair.

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