Local nonprofits, small businesses benefit from Netflix-watchers “Tidying Up”

Local nonprofits, small businesses benefit from Netflix-watchers “Tidying Up”

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - How much stuff do you think you have, that you don’t really need?

The latest Netflix craze, a show called “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” is having an impact across America. It’s causing people to purge their homes, and local businesses and nonprofits say they may be reaping the benefits of all this closet cleaning.

“Everything up top was twice as high, this was completely full,” young mom Melissa Nemec says, going through her bedroom closet.

Nemec is one of the latest inspired by the new Netflix phenomenon.

“Tidying Up” encourages cluttered families to purge all things that don’t, as Kondo says, “spark joy.” For Nemec, that was a lot.

“Two trips to Goodwill,” she says. “Three trips to the neighborhood dump, a trip to Clothes Mentor…”

And still, there’s some to go.

Those groups receiving her items are grateful.

“It might not be something that sparks joy for that person, but it still has a life, and can be used by somebody else in need,” Liana Humphrey at Crisis Assistance Ministry says.

Humphrey says they’ve seen an unusual January spike in donations, with many givers walking in and crediting the cleanup guru they’re watching on TV.

“Typically, we have a big spike at the end of December,” she says. “[That] is when people are trying to take advantage of tax donations, but then it’ll drop off, our volume, in January. We just haven’t. It’s continued.”

It’s also a big deal for local small business.

“I’ve heard it,” Sweet Repeats Upscale Consignment Boutique Manager Jennifer Nicoll says. “I’ve taken calls of people, ‘Oh, I just finished watching the Marie Kondo Netflix.’”

Nicoll says the shop gets new customers, and new consigners, every day.

“To have something like [“Tidying Up”] really sweep in and help all of these small businesses thrive and grow, it’s fabulous,” she says.

For Nemec, she says it helps her sleep better at night.

“Knowing that it’s going somewhere where it’ll spark joy there, when it’s just driving me insane in my own house,” she says.

Similar results were reported at shops across the area. Clothes Mentor, which Nemec mentioned, tells WBTV they’ve seen a more than 25-percent increase comparing this time this year, to last.

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