Federal workers affected by shutdown turn to local non-profits for help

Federal workers affected by shutdown turning to local non-profits for help

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - A local non-profit group in Catawba County says federal workers affected by the partial government shutdown are now turning to them for help with food and paying bills.

Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry made the offer to help earlier this week and already, said officials, “several people have come in.”

Executive Director Reverand Bob Silber said the first one to come in was a furloughed worker who he said “seemed embarrassed to ask for help.” Others have appeared reluctant as well, he said.

Silber says no one should feel ashamed to come in “Because we all go through a crisis at one time or another.”

The Ministry will help with food and paying bills where they can.

All officials there ask is that those asking for help because of the shutdown bring their federal ID and something to show they live in Catawba County.

The Ministry already was helping 150 local families a day so the added client list is putting a strain on resources, but officials say the community is responding with donations of food and money.

“That may be what we are most proud of,” said one volunteer. Silber says the Ministry will continue to offer help to affected government workers as long as the shutdown lasts.

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