Thousands of gallons of brine used to prepare for winter weather in the foothills

Preparing for winter weather in the foothills

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - Temperatures have dropped and folks in the foothills are starting to feel winter weather move in.

“We get everything stocked and ready to go. It’s kind of like a beach trip,” said Brooks Kirby, Electric Services Director for City of Morganton.

Kirby says after over a decade of working in electric services in Morganton, preparing for ice storms reminds him of getting ready for a beach trip.

“You pack everything the night before you hit the road first thing in the morning,” said Kirby.

The state roads in Burke County are now covered in 30-thousand gallons of brine.

"It seems like a lot but there are about 1,000 miles of state-maintained roadways in Burke County,” said Josh Mashburn with the Department of Transportation in Burke County.

Residents like Steveo Jackson have lived in Morganton for several years and say they are used to storms, but they do watch out for those roadways.

“These roads are dangerous because they are curvy,” said Jackson.

To cover those curves, the DOT base in Morganton got a new shipment of snow to use for this storm.

“They had already started putting salt on the roads on Thursday so when I was travelling home,” said Morganton resident Connie Powell.

Those people putting salt on the roads were DOT workers who have been on alert for days leading up to the threat of winter weather.

“We’re working 12-hour shifts. We do everything it take to get the roads done,” said Mashburn.

“Who knows we may have a lot of ice we’re just preparing for the power,” said Powell.

Kirby says ice is no good for power lines, but if it does freeze over, the supplies are packed and Kirby says the whole town will come together to help.

“It’s more like a team effort to get the lights back on quick as possible,” said Kirby.

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