Confederate ‘Silent Sam’ base removed from UNC campus

Last remnants of controversial UNC Confederate statue removed

CHAPEL HILL, NC (WTVD/CNN)- The last piece of “Silent Sam,” a confederate monument on the University of North Carolina campus has been taken down and moved to storage.

The university's outgoing chancellor authorized the removal of the base and commemorative plaque.

Controversy over the monument may have cost chancellor Carol Folt her job.

"Silent Sam" was built more than a century ago and protesters toppled it last summer.

Confederate ‘Silent Sam’ base removed from UNC campus

The monument has been the subject of national debate about the purpose of and need for Confederate monuments.

The university says the base was removed and placed into a secure location.

UNC's board of trustees proposed a $5.3 million building to house the statue, but that plan was rejected by the university's board of governors in December.

It is unclear where the statue will end up now.

According to UNC’s website, Silent Sam is the nickname of the statue of a Confederate soldier, which was built at the request of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It was dedicated in 1913 to remember the “sons of the university who died for their beloved Southland 1861-1865.”

In August of 2018 about 250 protesters on UNC’s campus knocked over the Silent Sam Confederate statue leaving only the base behind.

Chancellor Folt will step down after graduation in May, insisting the debate over the monument has caused too much disruption.

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